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I miss how you wanted me.
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Sometimes it takes a child without words to speak the most. I had someone ask me today if being around Vic, one of my club’s three THON children was awkward or uncomfortable. I told them being around her makes me realize what strength and love really mean. Meet Victoria.

Victoria was born with an encephalocele which is a neuro tube defect when the skull doesn’t close properly and some of the brain is in a pouch on the back of the head. She had brain surgery as a day old to correct it and place a shunt to help with the resulting hydrocephalus or fluid on her brain. It left her with cerebral palsy-like symptoms and a vision impairment. She also had open heart surgery as a small child due to cardiovascular problems. To top it off Victoria was diagnosed with ALL leukemia.

Today Vic 12 years old old and almost 6 years cancer free, however the outdated harsh chemo treatments were hard on her. She communicates in her own way, but she understands what you say to her. She is funny and sassy and works the best punk rock haircut ever. She absolutely loves fart jokes, and stinky feet, and anything else gross and disgusting. One of her favorite things is when people push her really fast in her chair, have her do doughnuts, and run people over. She actually really digs running us over, and if it makes her laugh she can run us over as much as she wants. Watching Vic and her mother together, and experiencing her personally, has completely changed my perspectives on the relationship one can have with a special needs child. It has also made me realize that yes, life isn’t always fair, but sometimes it’s REALLY unfair to other people. You don’t give up, you just keep going. So no, Victoria doesn’t make me uncomfortable, she makes me proud.

Pictured on the Bottom: Vic in this years homecoming parade as Miley Cyrus on the wrecking ball. The rest of us are some form or phase of Miley Cyrus and her ensamble. I personally was Hannah Montana. Major props to Chris for running and pushing for Vic two miles up and down some large hills, you’re the real MVP.